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Alerta Roja por Enfermedad de Corales

ALERTA ROJA: NUEVA DIFUSIÓN EPIDÉMICA DE ENFERMEDADES CORALINAS Todos los equipos de monitoreo de arrecifes deben estar atentos a dos nuevas enfermedades de coral que han estado asolando Florida durante varios años, y ahora parece haberse extendido a Jamaica después…
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Red Alert for Coral Disease

RED ALERT: NEW CORAL DISEASE EPIDEMIC SPREADING All reef monitoring teams should be on the lookout for two new coral diseases that have been ravaging Florida for several years, and now appears to have spread to Jamaica after its severe…
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HRI as Co-Author in Handbook

This Handbook brings together a carefully chosen set of world-class contributions from ecology, economics, and other development science and attempts to provide policy relevant scientific information on ecosystem services from marine and coastal ecosystems, nuances of economic valuation, relevant legal…
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2017 HRI Newsletter

Our 2017 Newsletter is now available for you to download and read! It is an immense pleasure to publish the May 2017 newsletter of the Healthy Reefs Initiative. This international collaboration of over 67 partner organizations aims to improve the…
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